Vibe Architectural Systems


Vibe partners with owners and designers to deliver beautiful, authentic, and unique materials that drive your customer’s experience. Create the right vibe in your space with our decorative wall systems. Our beautiful options will help you create the right mood, from relaxing common areas to lively office environments and everything in between.

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Preserved Plant Elements

StyleGreen walls improve the feeling of a space, reduce noise levels, and create a natural ambience. These maintenance-free systems are made from real plants that have been naturally preserved.

Textured Artisan Wood

Add texture to wood surfaces with burning, coatings, carving, or sandblasting — allowing you to select from a myriad of dramatic finishes. Choose from tongue and groove, square-edged planks, or panels.

Refined Wood Mosaics

BroDesign mosaics are made of real wood, giving your space the warmth of nature with a modern twist. Create a dramatic focal point on a wall, column, bar, or other area with these unique designs.

Molded Stone Panels

This high-quality wall panel is a masonry alternative that’s made with a real stone surface. You get the look and feel of stone while reducing installation time and cost.

Lightweight Concrete Veneer

LightBeton is the only real concrete veneer available today. Why use a concrete look-alike when you can bring the authenticity of real concrete to your design? Get the color and depth of real concrete with up to 90% less weight.

Custom Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Lightboard is completely customizable with over 300 high-pressure laminate designs and any wood veneer you desire. The effective honeycomb plate has a micro-perforated surface and meets the highest noise-reduction standards.